Rhythm Bootcamp

Rhythm Ear Training

  • Rhythm Bootcamp: Induction - For all musicians who understand the theory of good rhythm, but are looking for simple and fun everyday exercises to improve this crucial musical skill.
  • Rhythm Bootcamp: Got No Rhythm? - You can Improve your sense of rhythm by internalizing the beat in your mind using audiation. Learn more and practice this skill with some simple exercises.
  • Rhythm Bootcamp: Rhythmic Accuracy - Find out 3 reasons why musicians struggle with rhythmic accuracy, then learn the 5 ways you can improve and practice with a rhythmic accuracy exercise.
  • Common Rhythm Problem Spots: Transitions - It can be easy to loose rhythmic accuracy during tempo and style transitions. Get some tips to help you keep the beat and practice with these exercises.
  • Common Rhythm Problem Spots: Solos and Syncopation - Get help tackling two common rhythm problems: keeping time during solos and when playing more complex rhythms. Includes practice tracks to improvise with.
  • Rhythm Boot Camp: Everyday Practice - Get some tips on how to incorporate rhythm practice into all your music activities. Includes rock and Latin practice tracks to improvise and jam with.