Throughout this series you have worked on audiation, rhythmic accuracy, music transitions, and soloing. You practiced using exercises and practice tracks that you can download and use at home. While reading through these articles can be helpful, it will take everyday practice to master rhythm.

Most musicians have a tendency to practice a favorite riff over and over again, or even just jam through a tune. However, you need to practice rhythm everyday to develop your rhythm skills. You can do this by:

  1. Isolating troublesome transitions and practicing only these sections
  2. Practicing difficult syncopated rhythms
  3. Practicing with a metronome

Use YouTube to practice rhythm with your favorite bands. There are many websites that allow you to download sheet music like Sheet Music Plus and many sites have fan-made transcriptions and lead sheets. Don’t just stick to songs that have familiar rhythms or in popular styles like pop music. Challenge yourself to play some jazz fusion, Afro-Cuban music, or even some Bollywood inspired music to expand your rhythmic toolbox. Our Open Your Ears series can help you explore new styles of music.

Remember to pay attention to rhythmic accuracy, using audiation and counting any time you work on complex rhythms. Tap your toes to the beat, count out loud or in your head, and be sure that you know your music before you even get close to the mainstage. Preparedness is the key to incredible music performance.

Friends with Rhythm

One of the best ways to develop rock-solid rhythm is to play music in a group. Gather your friends or bandmates together and jam out using the practice track provided below or those included throughout this series.


  1. Use metronome or click track with headphones
  2. See if your band can stay with the beat
  3. Practice with various styles and rhythm
  4. Work on difficult transitions and solos
  5. Expand on the exercises in this series and add in your own difficult sections.

Practice Track: Rock It Out!

Review rock syncopation, soloing, and rhythmic accuracy in this short rock tune. Play along with the drum beat.

Rock it out 1

Rock it out 2


  1. Listen to the example.
  2. Play or tap along with the track.
  3. Keep rhythmic accuracy and good timing while playing.
  4. Improvise over the track.

Practice Track: Latin Rhythmic Improvisation

Work on Latin syncopation, soloing, and rhythmic accuracy in this futuristic Latin inspired track. This track is ideal as a backing track for a drum circle, jam, or soloing. A basic beat and bass line peppered with robotic synths gives you enough space to improvise your own Latin syncopations or review the basic reggaeton beat that you learned earlier in the series.

Reggaeton Rhythm


  1. Listen to the example.
  2. Play or tap along with the track.
  3. Keep rhythmic accuracy and good timing while playing.
  4. Improvise off of the track.

Rhythm Every Day

As we’ve discussed throughout this Rhythm Boot Camp, to improve your sense of rhythm it’s important to practice each and every day. You can use the suggestions and exercises from this series to find easy ways to include rhythm practice in your everyday music practice, as well as dedicating practice sessions specifically to your rhythm chops.

This concludes your Rhythm Boot Camp! You are now equipped with the core skills and knowledge necessary to conquer rhythmic inaccuracies wherever they may arise. Go forth and rock out in perfect time!

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