Our interval training app for iPhone, RelativePitch recently got a great review in the iPhone App Directory:

The iPhone App Directory iPhone App Directory review of ear training app RelativePitch
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The iPhone App Directory is published regularly by Imagine Publishing in the United Kingdom.

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Here’s what they had to say about the app:

Don’t know a perfect fifth from a minor third? Help is at hand

If the only musical interval you’re aware of is the one in the middle of Les Misérables, maybe you could use this app. RelativePitch seeks to improve your pitch perception by testing your ability to identify the intervals between a randomly generated series of piano notes. It’s a bit like having the guy who comes round to tune your piano give you a multiple-choice test. Two notes will sound and a selection of possible answers appears on the screen. Simply tap the right answer to proceed.

Most tests have 20 questions, and a perfect score unlocks the next difficulty level and the next lesson, introducing a new type of interval to practise with. You start out simply with unisons and whole tones and progress through the app until all the intervals in an octave are combined into a single tricky test. Helpful hints and narrative soundbites abound, although the interface is a bit plain. A beginners’ mode with fewer questions per test might help to lengthen its appeal, but overall this is a well thought-out, educational and informative app.

Overall Rating: 4 stars out of 5

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and haven’t tried RelativePitch yet, it’s a great way to do interval ear training at any time that suits. It’s a top ear training download in the App Store and is consistently rated 4 or 5 stars by users. There’s also a free app called RelativePitchLite which gets you started and teaches half the intervals of the octave.

If you have any questions (about RelativePitch or interval training in general), come ask in our ear training forums and we’ll be happy to help!