Do you worry about making “bad” sounds when you play music? What if those “bad” sounds… were actually the gateway to even more incredible “good” sounds? That’s just one little nugget shared in this week’s episode of Coaches Corner!

Join Christopher and the Next Level coaching team to discover the latest tips, tricks and techniques you can use to advance in your own musical life.

In this episode:

  • Zac shares the power of making BAD sounds
  • Andy gives an amazing tip for handling days when you don’t have much practice time
  • Camilo explains how you can keep working on your musicality even when you’re away from your instrument
  • Andrew flips the script on “warhorse” pieces you’ve been struggling on for ages.


Watch the episode:

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What if the way to make great-sounding music... was to focus on making BAD sounds? Discover that and more, in this episode of Coaches Corner.