Can you sing? If not… can you breathe? Funny question, but we had a recent masterclass which joined up those two questions so beautifully. It’s with Michaela Bartoskova, who’s a voice, singing and yoga coach, and her masterclass at Musical U was on the topic of “When Breath Becomes Voice”.

Michaela is a specialist in the voice beyond just singing – into breath, into speaking, into movement. She has such a beautiful, holistic perspective and it made her masterclass really special. And kind of provided a new way into singing for a lot of our members.

In this mini-interview, you’ll learn a bit about Michaela’s background, how she came to focus on the breath, and particularly with singers who came to her and were nervous to even begin singing, or had a lot of resistance when they tried to sing.

She also shares her answer to “what does musicality mean to you?” and it’s a really lovely and unique one that I think you’re going to enjoy.

Watch the episode:

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A simple breath can be a powerful gateway into discovering your voice and starting to sing. We interview Michaela Bartoskova to learn more.