Open Your Ears

This Friday marks the premier of Sabrina Peña Young’s new work, ‘Creation’, at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Decatur, Illinois.

Open Your Ears

This is the first post in a new series, “Open Your Ears”, which will highlight interesting and exciting music which will stretch your ears and expand your musical horizons.

We’ve all had the experience: we hear a new song or piece of music and our initial reaction is confusion – “what is this?! “. It’s easy to switch off, skip the song, change the station.

But, if you’re patient and listen actively, you find the real value in the music, which was initially hidden to you, begin to emerge.

“I used to hate this track. But now I think it’s really cool!”
“I didn’t really get jazz before, but after listening to Kind of Blue for the 5th time…”
“Lately I’ve realised that there’s much more to 80s pop than just cheese!”

As your ears develop this new appreciation, you find it empowers you to hear new things in other music too. So the benefits of experiencing new sounds and musical genres really aren’t to be underestimated – opening your ears should be a key part of your ear training!

The ‘Open Your Ears’ series aims to bring you new music of all kinds to help you stretch your ears in different directions and fill your world with a greater variety of wonderful sounds.


‘Creation’ is not your typical concert piece. Commissioned by Millikin State University, and to be performed in its premier by their 60-member-strong Women’s Chorale and Percussion Ensemble, the multimedia oratorio is a “celebration of culture, life, humanity, and the female body” which features computer animated video illustration, created by the composer.

Speaking of the composer – she may be familiar to you! Sabrina has been writing articles here at since its launch and we’re delighted to have this chance to highlight her musical talent. Her creative works know no bounds, as evidenced by over 100 compositions for all manner of instrument and technology, and her recent album ‘Origins’.

You can find out more about Creation, and this Friday’s premier here:

Creation Multimedia Oratorio
By S. Peña Young

For SSA Choir, Tape, Video, Percussion, and Electronic Keyboard
Sung in Swahili, Spanish, and English with English subtitles
7pm April 16th, 2010
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Decatur, Illinois

The performance is free to attend, with donations taken afterwards. Don’t miss this chance to attend the premier of an exciting new musical work!

Be sure to let us know if you attend the concert. If you have suggestions for future ‘Open Your Ears’ posts, drop us a line at [email protected]!