So you’ve learned how to play 3-chord songs and 4-chord songs by ear. Now it’s time to move to the next level! Instead of simply strumming “1, 2, 3, 4” we’re going to learn some more advanced techniques to make your playing sound great.

We’ve found the 5 best tutorial videos for playing 3- and 4-chord songs in compelling ways. These demo videos include not only the 3- and 4-chord tricks, they’ll also teach you rhythm and strumming techniques, and advanced fingerpicking riffs. You will not only improve your guitar skills, but you’ll also expand your repertoire of pop, rock and bluegrass songs.

1. Strum-Slap: “Stand by Me” by Swift Lessons

A video tutorial that stands by you until you get it perfectly. Swift Lessons teaches you the strum-slap technique to look like a pro. This is a great place for beginners to start experimenting with a new and easy strumming pattern.

2. Strumming Patterns and the Gospel-Style Walkdown: “Let it Be” by Swift Lessons

A second video from Swift Lessons with a detailed tutorial that teaches you step by step how to ornament this classic song with different strumming patterns and the “Gospel-Style Walkdown”. So pick up your guitar, warm up your vocal cords and “Let it Be”!

3. Fingerpicking: “Wonderful Tonight” by ThreeChordGuitar

Another favorite 3-chord trick: G-C-D. In this video ThreeChordGuitar will not only teach you how to serenade your lover with the classic “Wonderful Tonight”. After going through the chords and strumming, he will also teach you how to play a beautiful fingerpicked version. This video is ideal for for those new to fingerpicking. Try it for your acoustic open-mic night debut!

4. Strumming Bluegrass: “Man of Constant Sorrow” by Martyzsongs

Tired of pop songs and want to dig into some traditional bluegrass tunes? Martyzsongs will not only teach you basic rhythms up close, he will also teach you helpful strumming techniques for beginners. For the ambitious among you Marty shows you how to fingerpick the “bluegrass” scale to really show your friends you are becoming a pro.

5. 6 Strumming Patterns using 4 chord songs by RipTard

Last but definitely not least, RipTard talks us through basic strumming technique followed by 6 strumming patterns, increasing in complexity, that can be used with all the 3 and 4 chord songs you have learned! Pick your favourite song, choose a strumming pattern and you’re ready to make some beautiful music!

It’s amazing how all the resources made available on the internet can help you learn and master your instrument. Thanks to these amazing tutorials, we are able to easily explore new techniques. Strumming and finger-picking will definitely take your guitar playing to the next level. Yes, even beginners can learn these “fancy” techniques to add that special something to their 3 and 4-chord songs. Happy playing!