Did you know that you can play hundreds of songs with just three chords? Yes, just 3! You don’t have to hurt your fingers and your brain memorizing all the options in the chord dictionary, all you need is to learn a simple trick: the “3-chord trick”. 

So, to reveal this trick and make you fall in love with playing chords by ear even more, we have rounded up the best 3-chord song video demos for you.

Warning: Get ready to become an instant rock/pop star!

1. The 3-Chord Trick by Guitar Skills

According to the Guitar skills channel, learning to play a guitar is easy as 1, 2, 3! Or should we say: A, D, and E! These simple three chords you can learn to play “Blowing in the Wind”, “Brown Eyed Girl” and “I’m a Believer” to entertain your friends around the campfire. Plus: he’ll teach you some super easy strumming techniques.

Not sure how to play those three chords? No worries, the next video has got you covered.

2. The A-D-E Trick by Eric DeLuca

Eric DeLuca shows how to put together 10 more songs using the A, D, and E chords along with some strumming techniques. This includes a how-to for playing each of the three chords, so if you’re a total beginner you can still give it a try! With classics from Chuck Berry, Neil Diamond, Buddy Holly and… Adam Sandler?!

3. The D-C-G Trick by Jonathan Kehew

Let’s get into an old-school tutorial next. This video will teach you how famous bands do it with the D-C-G version of the 3-chord trick. Jonathan reminds me how my guitar teacher taught me how to change my fingers’ position easily without pausing trying to figure out where to put my fingertips next.

4. 3 Christmas Songs Using D-C-G by Lisa McCormick

Christmas is right around the corner and even if you’re new to playing the guitar, you will be able to learn these 3 traditional songs with just those D, C and G chords. Lisa McCormick will show you how to easily sing some songs to jingle with your family this Christmas.

5. 3 Chords, 40 Songs by BobbyCrispy

Let’s finish by kicking it up a notch. Now it’s time to learn FORTY easy rock songs which each use just three chords by BobbyCrispy Guitar Lessons. Grab your guitar and strum along with this unique guitar lesson.

There are a whole bunch of wild and wacky chords out there but you don’t have to memorize them all to be able to play a lot of songs. All you need is to learn are the 3-chord trick and your instrument. Once you’ve learned several songs using the same 3 chords start listening out for those 3-chord progressions in other songs too. You might be surprised what you can now play by ear!

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