Pop music’s lifeline is the the I-V-vi-IV chord progression. Countless songs, including most of your favorites, use just these 4 chords. Not convinced? Here’s a fun video from our favorite The Axis of Awesome which demonstrates it very effectively:

Now, you are probably already wondering what you can do with this magical I-V-vi-IV progression?

Pick up your guitar and let’s get started! We have compiled the best video tutorials to help you learn how to play 4-chord songs.

Play 10 Songs Using G-D-Em-C by GuitarLessons.com

Chord chart, finger positioning, 4-chords, strumming technique… Everything a beginner needs can be found here! Start with the basics using this video by GuitarLessons.com

10 More Songs Using C-G-Am-F by Ste Shaw

Acoustic and pop for beginners with just 4 chords? No problem. Ste Shaw has got you covered. Starting with an old classic “Let it be” and ending with a newer one “Apologize”.

7 Country Songs using 4 chords by Country Song Teacher

You can never fail by playing a country song! With just the 4 chord trick, you can play the biggest country chart hits. Put your boots on and play away with Country Songs Teacher.

4 Chords / 1 Strum by Anthem of Adam

Need a strumming pattern? No problem. All you need is 4 chords and 1 strum to play these 15 songs. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, you can definitely nail this! Thanks to Anthem of Adam.

20 Songs using C-Am-F-G by Simon Orell

The popular 4 easy chords in C Major (C, Am, F, G) once again. This video by Simon Orell highlights the best classic songs of all time, with a touch of Jessie J and a dash of folk. There’s definitely no price tag once you nail this progression.

32 Songs using G-D-Em-C by RipTard

This is my personal favorite: RipTard! 32 songs with those G Major I-IV-V-vi chords: G-D-Em-C! Study up on the lyrics and fill your song book with only 4 chords.

4 Chords, 15 Minutes, 98 Songs by Munson Music

Still hungry for more? Try this video tutorial by Munson Music Live with NINETY-EIGHT songs! From “Row, Row Your Boat” to the latest songs of today. You will be able to play a full concert after this lesson!

It’s mind blowing that hundreds or even thousands of chart topping hits and all time favorites use only 4 chords! It seems like magic but thanks to these video demos, you can learn the 4-chord trick even if you are a beginner. Improving your guitar skills while playing your favorite songs must be the best way to keep music learning fun!

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