One way to quickly improve your ability to sing in tune is to use a digital tuner. These devices let you set a target note, hear that note, and then show whether your own note is above or below it and by how much. They are normally used for tuning an instrument, but can actually be a very helpful tool for learning to sing in tune.

The idea is that you try to sing back the target note, and then watch the tuner to see if you are sharp (too high) or flat (too low). Then gradually adjust the pitch you’re singing until you hit the note.

This trains two things at once:

  1. Your Voice
    When you first begin singing it takes some practice to get real control over the pitches you sing. Working with a tuner helps you build up this control fast.
  2. Your Ear
    The process of honing in on the target note relies on your ear’s ability to accurately judge the pitch of the target note and your own sung note. As you practice with the tuner your ear will become more reliable until you don’t need to watch the tuner at all, you can simply use your ear to know whether to adjust up or down.

How to learn to sing in tune

Here are the steps to use a digital tuner to practice matching pitch and singing in tune:

1. Set the tuner to your target note (e.g. A)