Today, we’ve got something a bit different for you. Now, hopefully you are on our email list so you already know all about this, but in case not, this week to mark reopening the Foundations of a Musical Mind course, we are hosting three live sessions on Facebook talking about ease and joy in music learning. So how to make your music learning easier, how to make it more joyful and particularly how that’s actually the route to better results. It’s not just a cop out. It’s not just fun for the sake of it. This is actually the way to get the best results in music.

That’s what we’re talking about this week and what you’re going to be hearing in a minute is the recording of the first of these three sessions. Now, if you’re listening to this episode as it comes out, you can join us for parts two and three. I would love to see you there. You’ll find all the details in the show notes for this episode at or head to and you’ll find them there.

A couple of things to mention about the recording of part one that you’re about to hear. The first is that this was taken from the live stream, so unfortunately the audio is not quite as high quality as you’re hopefully used to on this show, but it’s still utterly listenable, we hope. And the second thing to mention is this is a bit long. It’s quite different in style to what you’re probably used to on this show. This is not a punchy 10-minute summary of the topic. This is me hanging out live for an hour with a bunch of MusicalU members and foundations course students and people from our email list talking about this topic of ease and joy, finding ways to relate it to your musical life and setting you up for transforming your experience of learning music with more ease and joy. So I hope you’ll enjoy it, this very different kind of an episode. And if you’re listening to this as it comes out, please do join us for parts two and three this week. We’d love to see you there.

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Finding joy and ease in your practice is a powerful way to unlock your musicality. Learn how to have fun and improve faster in this episode.