Here are a few recent developments in the world of music and sound which might help inspire or guide you in your ear training!

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Big Update for Theta Music Trainer

Back in October we covered the launch of Theta Music Trainer, an exciting new website which provides a wide range of ear training games. You play online via your browser, and the games teach everything from intervals and chords, to rhythm, music reading, and more. Varying difficulty levels make it easy to get started, and there are ‘courses’ you can take to build up your skills in a structured way.

Here at Easy Ear Training we love seeing fun new ways to develop aural skills, and so we were excited to hear about the new version of Theta Music Trainer, which introduces three new games, a smart Personal Trainer feature, and strong support for music teachers to use the games with students in the classroom. It also adds Spanish to the English and Japanese language options already available.

Number Blaster Music GameNumber Blaster Music Game

Number Blaster is a fun arcade-style game to learn musical numbering

Two of the new games focus on your ability to judge pitches, with Speed Pitch testing your ability to make broad judgements quickly, and Dango Brothers essentially making a game of tuning a guitar string. I’ll admit, I had to look up what a Dango is – but fortunately this didn’t hinder my ability to enjoy the game!

Dango Brothers Pitch GameDango Brothers Pitch Game

Dango Brothers checks your fine-grained pitch judgement

Becoming a Theta Music student is as easy as registering for a free account, and these new features make their affordable subscription plans even better value than they already were – so what are you waiting for? Go, play!

Speed Pitch Game

Speed Pitch tests your quick comparison of pitches

A possible end to the “Loudness War”

You may have heard the phrase “Loudness War” when referring to audio quality: over the last 30 years or so, increasing use of dynamic range compression has caused the quality of recorded popular music to deteriorate significantly in an attempt to sound louder than other tracks – and hence sell more copies.

This is a great talk about what the “loudness war” is, how it came about, the terrible effect it’s had on recorded music, and (on a more positive note) how it might be possible to end this war…

Piano Carnival CD Project: Classical Music and Stories for Kids

Introducing children to music in the right way is core to their later musical development, whether that’s for playing or simply enjoying listening to music. We’ve covered many aspects of early age ear training here on, as well as seeking new ways to use music itself to teach aural skills.

Over at the Color in my piano blog, Joy writes about an exciting new Kickstarter project which aims to improve the way kids first encounter classical music so that they don’t grow up just associating “classical” with “boring” or “outdated”. Based on their experience teaching children and seeing them get excited by m