We’re excited to have Zach VanderGraaff, the founder of Dynamic Music Room, on the show. Mr. V (as his students like to call him) is a K-5 music teacher who’s developed his own teaching philosophy drawing on the Kodály approach.

Zach shares many of our core beliefs here at Musical U. He believes that “talent” is a myth, that music learning can and should be enjoyable, that the learning process should feel musical, that it’s more effective to learn together with others, and much more.

In this conversation you’ll hear about:

  • Zach’s own first experience of playing by ear – and why he was frustrated by his family being impressed.
  • The key difference between the elementary music teaching Zach does and the more common approaches you may be familiar with.
  • The three core concepts on which Zach bases his teaching – and how you can apply each in your own music learning.

You will be fascinated by just how much you can learn from the world of children’s music education. Enjoy this episode and make your music journey more fun and effective.

Watch the episode:

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Zach VanderGraaff, of The Dynamic Music Room, teaches how to make music learning authentic, engaging, and cooperative. Have more fun and make more progress.