Many musicians want to improve their musical ear on the move, using mobile apps. Whether you prefer an iOS (iPhone, IPod, iPad) or Android phone or tablet, there will be many music learning apps which can help you train your ear.

As always with ear training, step one is to decide on your goals so that you know the ear training topic to focus on. Then, look for an app which matches that area.

Many ear training apps assume that intervals and chords are all there is to ear training, but of course that isn’t the case. Developing your relative pitch skills with interval and chord ear training is a good starting point for many musicians, but if you find an app which claims to be an “all-in-one” ear trainer, the chances are it’s only actually teaching one or two skills.

Try searching your app store for “music” and the area you want to study. For example “music chord progressions” or “music intervals”. You could also include the phrase “ear training”, but note that some apps are described with terms like “listening skills”, “aural skills” or “musicianship” instead.

Here at Easy Ear Training we offer a range of iOS ear training apps covering various topics, along with our ear training eBooks and albums which are also perfect for using on mobile devices. Our apps are consistently awarded 4 or 5 stars in user reviews, and have been selected by Apple and leading online publications as among the best apps for ear training.

If you’ve found any particularly useful apps for ear training please feel free to recommend them in the comments below!

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