Planning For Success

Learn how to plan for successful musical development.

After completing this module: you will have a clear understanding of how to set effective musical goals and create a plan to accomplish them.

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Most musicians fail to reach their true musical potential.

It’s not because they lack the resources or determination to succeed.

It’s because they haven’t learned how to plan their training in a way which will truly deliver the results they hope for. As a result, their effort is wasted.

In this module you’ll discover the keys to effective goal-setting and planning, so that every module you study with in Musical U will deliver great results fast.

Where Are You Going?

Unlike most music education providers, at Musical U we don’t believe in dictating to you what your musical goals should be.

Instead, we support each member in defining their own true goals – the ones which inspire and get them excited.

In this lesson you’ll learn more about the importance of goal-setting for having a successful musical journey.

Make Your Goals M.A.G.I.C.

If you’re not making good progress in music, there’s a good chance it’s because the goals you have in mind aren’t clearly defined. It’s not enough to just have a vague picture of where you want to get to with your musical training. For goal-setting to work, you need to choose suitable goals and define them precisely.

In this lesson you’ll learn a powerful framework which lets you easily define precise goals that will reliably motivate and guide you throughout your training.

Where Are You Now?

Before you begin your training it’s important to know where you’re starting from. In this lesson you’ll learn how you can find this out when it comes to musicality.

How Will You Get There?

Musical U provides a wide range of training modules, and each member will use them in a slightly different way, to perfectly suit their needs, interests and goals.

This lesson will help you understand the options available to you for moving efficiently towards your goal.

How Is It Going?

In every journey there will be challenges and hurdles to overcome. This lesson suggests some helpful ways to regularly check your progress and adjust course if necessary.

The Power of Progress Journals

One of the core ways that Musical U integrates training and community is the Progress Journal system. Keeping a Progress Journal delivers two major benefits to every member. This lesson explains how they work and the ways they accelerate your training.

Member Success

“I think your points on planning for progress are thought-provoking, specific and realistic.”
“A lot of great info and advice.”
“The key part of this for me is to start off with one particular goal, and set the scope to be quite limited. That way I can tick off steps quite regularly and complete it much quicker. Once that goal is complete, I can build on it and expand the steps and keep going.”
“Excellent information to succeed in all aspects of life!”
“Seems so obvious when I read it, but I never figured out by myself. Time to practice and learn! Thanks for creating such a magnificent site!”
“I believe I am ready to start formulating a plan. I am going to do so right now.”
“I found the info in this module to be very helpful in focusing my mind on a ‘big picture’ plan to vastly improve my aural skills without forgetting the ‘musicality’ of the process.”
“I appreciate the learning how to learn section up front before just diving into the content. It would be tempting to miss this part and only chase down the interesting elements. The foundation is always important to lay straight and true.”
“This is extremely helpful information. It definitely seems to make achieving musical goals less overwhelming.”
“This module has plenty of ways for anyone to create a plan, no matter how small or big, that can be tailor to what she or he wants to learn from this program. Most school/institutions doesn’t even come close to what can be built upon in this module. I wish I has this when I started out wanting to do music for a career. I’m going to frequent this module whenever I need a bit refocusing or just as a refresher.”

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