Ear Trainer

Our new online ear trainer will help you develop your interval, chord and relative pitch skills.

For now you might like to try:

  • Ear Training Apps

    Ear Training Apps

    We have a range of apps for iOS and Android which will help you improve your ear for music in a fun, interactive way.

  • Ear Training Exercises

    Ear Training Exercises

    These exercise tracks will help you learn and then test yourself on a variety of musical elements, including intervals and chords.

  • Ear Training Quizzes

    Ear Training Quizzes

    Test your listening skills with our ear training quizzes, providing an introduction to ear training, and specialised tests for audio frequency training.

  • Ear Training Downloads

    Ear Training Downloads

    If you prefer to download your ear training exercises as MP3s or sheet music, check out our free downloads page.