Today we are welcoming back Dave Isaacs, “The Nashville Guitar Guru”! We interviewed Dave on episode 60 of the show, where we talked about his own musical journey from aspiring classical guitarist to learning improv, switching to playing popular styles like country rock and becoming a teacher. He shared his major lessons learned as a musician and music teacher, which he shares at Nashville Guitar Guru.

Dave is the author of the brand new book, The Perpetual Beginner, A Musician’s Path to Lifelong Learning. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable read that will be relevant and impactful to anybody who enjoys Musicality Now.

We are excited to have Dave Isaacs back on the show to share some of the powerful ideas and stories from “The Perpetual Beginner”.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Why so many music learners find themselves stuck in the “beginner” phase, even after months, years or even decades of learning.
  •  The painful experience that opened Dave’s eyes to the downside of respecting tradition and having reverence for doing things in the most technically correct way.
  • Why some teachers discourage students from returning to earlier, easier material – but the two important reasons you should be doing this regularly.

Plus: we’re so keen to get this book into as many music learners’ hands as possible, we’re giving away five copies, shipped to your door, absolutely free! Listen for the details in the episode.

If you’ve ever found your enthusiasm and motivation waning, or you’ve felt stuck and frustrated at how long it’s taking to reach a higher level, or you’ve felt torn between doing things “the right way” and doing things “your way” – you’re going to love how this episode helps you.

Watch the episode:

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Dave Isaacs, author of "The Perpetual Beginner", teaches how approaching music with a beginner's mindset can unlock the ease and musicality you desire.