Have you been feeling stuck on something challenging in music? A section of a piece, a specific technique, an overall plateau, or maybe practice goes fine but then everything falls apart in live performance.

Have you felt like you just don’t have enough time for learning your instrument and learning new music? Maybe you feel like you’re putting in the time and effort but just don’t seem to be getting much payoff in terms of results.

Have you been frustrated by struggling to memorise things, or finding the things you did work hard to memorise slip away over time?

Or maybe it feels like whatever you try, you’re just spinning in circles, or tripping yourself up, so that you never quite make solid progress towards your musical goals – like there’s something continually sabotaging you – and it might just be all in your head.

If you’ve felt one or more of these frustrations in your musical life you are certainly not alone. And believe it or not, there’s a single solution which can quickly eliminate all of these challenges.

It’s time to re-learn what it means to “learn music”. It’s time to discover the techniques of musical superlearning.

What does that mean, exactly? That’s what we’re talking about in this special episode with Christopher and Andrew from the Musical U team: what does “musical superlearning” look like in practice, and is it right for you?

Watch the episode:

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The Musical U team discusses how to overcome common challenges in learning music. Discover the techniques of musical superlearning.