It is hard to believe – but we have reached Episode 100 of the Musicality Podcast!

It’s been just about a year since we launched the show and it has been an absolute blast. We knew it would be fun to connect with interesting people and talk about musicality, but we had no idea just how incredible it would be. We’ve been blown away by the amazing people who’ve joined us on the show so far.

We wanted to do something special to mark Episode 100 – and we’ll tell you in a minute what we’ve got for you, it’s truly something remarkable.

So we talked about what to do in the team. And we’re all hugely appreciative of *you* and everybody who listens to the show. So we thought about asking for listener contributions of comments or questions.

But the thing is, for the most part, you guys are pretty shy! We know from the download numbers that there are a ton of people listening, but it’s relatively rare that we get a new review or someone reaches out by email or leaves us a voice message.

And we get that! Hey, a big part of what we do at Musical U is helping people become more confident in music and be proud that they’re actively learning the skills that most people assume require musical “talent”. But we know a lot of you listening aren’t there yet – So it would be a bit nuts to expect our podcast listeners to be rushing forwards bravely to put themselves out there and get in touch!

So we didn’t do that. But we did just want to mention it here so you all know how much we appreciate you, remind you that you are always welcome to get in touch at – and give us the opportunity to say a big thank you for listening to the show.

A special thank you of course to our *members* at Musical U who’ve trusted us with their musicality training and provide the financial support we need to put this podcast out for free every week.

So when we were talking with the team about what we could do to celebrate hitting Episode 100 the other idea that quickly came up was that we could recap some of the stand-out lessons and quotes from our amazing interviewees.

Which would be cool. But you know what would be even cooler? If we could get those same superstars to contribute something fresh and new – and something that would be really impactful on *your* musical life.

So that’s what we did. And a huge thank you to all our past guests who contributed a clip. We were hoping to get a handful back – and ended up with 26 contributions!

The question we asked was:

”What’s one thing you’ve learned that could help musicians to tap into their inner musicality?”

So what you have here – and these are going to run into a second episode too because there were so many! What you have here is an incredible collection of the most punchy insights and wisdom from more than two dozen of the world’s leading music educators and musicality experts, all in one place.

We have Gerald Klickstein, author of the must-have handbook for aspiring musicians, The Musician’s Way.

We’ve got the guys from the Music Student 101 podcast, my favourite podcast for learning about music theory.

We have #1 Billboard hit singer and award-winning song-writer Judy Rodman.

We have David Reed, the man behind the terrific Improvise For Real method for learning to improvise.

We have Forrest Kinney, author of the immensely popular Pattern Play series of piano books.

And I could go on and on…

This might actually blow your mind a little bit, we know that we had to take breaks when listening to the clips to let things sink in a bit before absorbing more! And we’re going to be splitting this episode in two, because there’s no way you could sensibly absorb all of this in one go…!

And speaking of jam-packed with amazing insights – before we dive into those answers from past guests, we must let you know about the Musicality Podcast Power Pack.

To celebrate hitting episode 100 and all of the amazing guests we’ve had, we went back into all the archives, collected together all 100 episodes and then we found and created a bunch of cool extra bonus resources and material to help you get the maximum possible impact from everything in the podcast so far. We’ve put it all on a handy USB thumb drive so you can literally have the world’s top musicality experts in the palm of your hand.

We’re making this available for a limited time only with free worldwide shipping. To get your copy, visit – and of course not only will you be getting this fantastic resource to accelerate your own musicality training, you’ll also be supporting the show. We should also mention this would be an awesome gift for a musical friend or family member.

So if you enjoy the show, and whether you’ve listened to one episode or all hundred, please go check out and see all the cool stuff we’ve packed into the Musicality Podcast Power Pack for you. This will be available for a limited time so go take a look today!

Okay, so in this episode you’re going to hear the first 11 experts answering the question:

”What’s one thing you’ve learned that could help musicians to tap into their inner musicality?”

These are in no particular order, except that I’ve tried to group them to make for two great episodes for you to listen to.

In this episode you’re going to hear:

  • Respected author Forrest Kinney, talking about the adventure of playing.
  • Saxophone guru Donna Schwartz with the one crucial thing that might be stopping your performance from sounding musical and resonating with your audience.
  • Our very own Andrew Bishko talking about “practicing magic”.
  • Jazz guitarist and the man behind Learn Jazz Standards Brent Vaartstra sharing the one thing you must focus on to have consistent long-term success.
  • Improvisation expert David Reed about when to introduce improvising into your musicality training.
  • Thought leader among piano teachers Dr. Melody Payne about the simple rules that can make you sound more musical.
  • Award-winning musician and Lydian Chromatic Concept expert Andy Wasserman talking about the “treasure hunt” of unlocking your musicality.
  • School music ed revolutionary Jimmy Rotheram talking about the four things which greatly impacted his own musicality.
  • Award-winning artist, song-writer and vocal coach Judy Rodman explaining what makes music compelling for the audience.
  • Natalie Weber from the world-famous Music Matters Blog on what helped her as an analytical person tap into her creative side.
  • And our friends Matthew Scott Phillips and Jeremy Burns from Music Student 101 round off this first episode by sharing several activities which can help you continually “level up” your musicality.

Enough from me! Let’s dive in.

Listen to the episode:

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We asked eleven experts to share the one thing they've learned that can help musicians to tap into their inner musicality - here are their answers!