If you’ve ever dreamed of strumming a ukulele, the good news is that learning to play the instrument is fairly simple. In fact, it’s one of the easiest and most versatile instruments for beginners to pick up. Once you pick up the basics, you’ll feel like you’re living on an island, even if your actual scenery involves high rises instead of palm trees.

One of the best things you can do for yourself when learning the ukulele is to practise as much as possible. You can improve your skills and perfect your technique with the right amount of dedication. So what should you be practicing?

A great starting point is to find a ukulele songbook which shows you the uke chords to well-known songs. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best websites and resources to keep you well supplied with fun songs to strum!

Here are the best free online ukulele resources to help you have fun and improve your skills when playing ukulele:


When you go to DoctorUke’s website, you’ll get access to more than just song listings and ukulele chords for practice sessions. You’ll also get a wealth of resources that help beginning players understand some of the music theory behind this unique instrument.

Ukulele Underground

At Ukulele Underground, you will find additional resources in varying formats to help you. Start by watching some of their tutorial videos and practise with a few of the free songbooks available on their site.

Stewart Greenhill’s Ukulele Songbook

If you simply want an easy-to-use database of popular songs, try visiting Stewart Greenhill’s site. The content is presented in a straightforward format, allowing ukulele players to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Richard G’s Ukulele Songbook

Richard G’s website is another great source for practice materials. Here, you’ll find more than 1,300 song listings from a variety of musical genres. You can also peruse Richard G’s Facebook page for even more playing inspiration.

The pUKEs

If punk rock is more your style, look for your favorite punk classics at The pUKEs. Get your ukulele rocking to your favorite songs of anarchy and chaos while you sing along with the printed lyrics.

Morristown Uke Jam

Morristown Uke Jam is a popular source of free practice materials. This website, organised through Meetup.com, brings a spirit of community to ukulele players. Look for the link to the group’s extensive songbook for your next jam session.

Jim Carey’s Ukulele Songbook

If you want more than just a simple listing of songs, try looking around Jim Carey’s site. You can tweak music file formats and printing options to suit your preferences. You also have a chance to preview songs in a video format to help you as you get started in your practice.    

Ukulele Hunt

For a comprehensive resource covering all things related to the ukulele and the people who play it, check out Ukulele Hunt. You’ll find all your favorite songs in its songbook database. You can even download one of their eBooks to help you further your playing skills.

Playing the ukulele can be a fun and effective way to become more musical. Get more from your ukulele practice by using some or all of these free songbooks and resources!


What’s your favorite go-to resource for ukulele tips and materials?

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