Today we’re speaking with Judy Rodman of and the All Things Vocal blog. Judy went from being a professional jingle singer in the 70s to getting a recording contract as a singer and having a Billboard #1 song, to writing songs and having one of them become a #1 hit for Leann Rimes, to now being an in-demand vocal coach in Nashville and the creator of the All Things Vocal blog and podcast.

With that incredible career, it would be easy to assume Judy has a gift, or that she relied on natural talent. But as you’ll learn in this conversation, it wasn’t smooth sailing and it was a particular mindset that allowed Judy to have such success in so many different arenas in music. It’s also abundantly clear from this conversation that Judy has soaked up an incredible amount of learning along the way and excels in sharing that expertise in a clear and valuable way for her students.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • What it was that let her succeed again and again as she pivoted her music career through the years
  • The two areas she recommends beginning singers to focus on and specific exercises to help with both
  • The number one most important thing to focus on as a singer if you want to improve and have a good-sounding voice
  • How studio singing differs from singing on stage
  • A clever device that can help you past that feeling of thinking you sound odd or bad when you hear yourself on a recording

There is a ton packed into this conversation and whether you’ve never sung before, you sing and want to get better, or you’re already performing on stage and in the studio, there is going to be something valuable for you to take away, and we know you’re going to want to immerse yourself more in everything Judy offers to help singers.

Listen to the episode:

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Musical U interviews Judy Rodman on her rich career in the vocal world, covering everything from singing professionally to vocal coaching and songwriting.