Fusing elements of grime, 2-step, reggae, dub, and UK garage, dubstep is a relatively new style of dance music that arrived on the scene in 2008, generating plenty of buzz because of its far-flung mix of influences and unique sound.

Artists such as Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Skream, and Digital Mystikz were among those who really pushed the envelope with regards to dubstep, experimenting with its basic structure to evolve the genre to new levels. They used crazy sound effects and obscure vocal samples to add punch, interest, and feeling. They even remixed existing music as dubstep songs for an exciting and fresh new take on the music.

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UK electronic duo La Roux’s collaboration with Skream resulted in a beautiful, haunting take of their song “In For The Kill”:

As a result, dubstep rapidly grew in popularity, becoming huge in North America. The genre found its way into mainstream music, with artists such as Britney Spears and Taylor Swift spicing up their own songs with elements of dubstep.

Because it borrows from so many other genres, resulting in such a distinctive style, it can be hard to describe exactly what defines dubstep.

But looking closer, we can see that certain elements result in the strong bassline and characteristic rhythm of d