Today we have the pleasure of talking with Dr. Don Greene, one of the world’s leading experts and practitioners of performance psychology. In his 30-year career Dr. Greene has coached more than 1,000 performers, including top-tier symphony musicians and Olympic gold medalists.

Dr. Greene has written eight books, two of which we discuss in this conversation, “Performance Success” and “College Prep for Musicians”. He also publishes articles covering all aspects of peak performance psychology for music, sports and all performing disciplines on his website, Winning on Stage.

You may be familiar with some of the ideas in this interview, such as visualisation and positive self-talk. However, If you’re like most music learners, you’ve probably come across these ideas in vague blog posts or conversation. You’re going to find it hugely valuable to hear from a performance psychologist who’s worked with world-class performers across several disciplines for many years.

We talk about:

  • Why trying to feel relaxed is not actually the route to reliable performance under pressure
  • The five areas you can assess yourself on, to know how best to improve your own performance abilities.
  • The importance of a so-called “pre-shot routine” that can help you perform at your best even when your heart is pounding

This conversation is going to equip you with some valuable new insights and strategies to apply in your musical life and open your eyes to what might be possible for you!

Watch the episode:

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Dr. Don Greene, one of the world’s leading experts on performance psychology, teaches how to assess and improve your performance abilities under pressure.