You’re a passionate musician. You are focused and excited to put in the time needed to improve on your instrument, but making time isn’t always easy.

Do you sometimes stay up late just to squeeze in some practice, then wonder if morning would be a better time for learning?

Or do you occasionally decide to stay up all night to work on new material, but then wonder if it was a good trade-off?

Although the picture of a passionate, driven musician furiously working away all night long is a romantic image, the hard truth is you’ll need regular and adequate sleep to achieve your best as a musician.

Sleep Research

Research tells us that the amount of sleep you get directly correlates to how effectively you learn, and affects you in three ways. Firstly, a sleep-deprived musician has a limited ability to focus and maintain the high level of attention needed for acquisition of new skills and facts.

Your best practice sessions will consist of deliberate practice: mindful and focused. Simply put, worthwhile practice sessions will be a mental workout and you simply won’t be prepared for massive acquisit