If you’re reading this then you’re well aware of the current situation with the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. Like most of the community at Musical U, you may be faced with the prospect of staying in for several weeks ahead. You may be quickly turning to music as a rock you can rely on. Music can be an incredible force for keeping our spirits high, helping us stay connected with one another, and inspiring us to hope and be thankful.

With the opportunity to spend more time on our music learning there’s a silver lining: We can come out of this situation with new and better skills – and feeling more musical!

To help you stay musical and stay connected we’ve put together a special page at StayInPlayOn.com. We will be updating as new opportunities come about. We are eager to get you excited to get out there and enjoy performing and collaborating at a new level once life returns to normal.

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Musical U has made a special page to share global learning opportunities to help you stay musical and connected in this uncertain time. Stay In. Play on!