Join Christopher and the Next Level coaching team to discover the latest tips, tricks and techniques you can use to advance in your own musical life.

In this episode…

  • Andy shares an inspiring example about a client finding ways to “lower the bar” so she could step-by-step her way up to a big performance that was otherwise intimidating.
  • Camilo explains how taking a more ear-based approach to learning new pieces fast makes for a more resilient performance.
  • Andrew shares how he used ideas from recent Body-Based Voice Guest Expert Jeremy Mossman to help a client tap into his body’s inherent wisdom.
  • Zac unpacks ALL the surprising benefits of focusing on rhythm. From musical memory to singing to confidence – and even to physical health.

All that and more, in this episode of Coaches Corner!

Tip: find just ONE idea from everything that’s shared, and take it to your next music practice session or apply it in YOUR musical life.

Watch the episode:

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How can you gear up to a big performance without being overwhelmed or intimidated? Find out the answer, plus more tips, in this episode!