Wired for Sound

Audio equipment, speakers, headphones

  • Hifi equipment for ear training Wired for Sound Part 1: Playback - You don’t need a fancy Hi-Fi system to have fun ear training, but good sound reproduction can inspire your creativity, reveal unheard detail in a familiar recording and is less tiring for extended listening sessions. In this series of articles I will be providing some hints and tips on how to get the best listening […]
  • Amps and speakers for ear training Wired For Sound Part 2: Amps and Speakers - Missed part one? Catch up here. Welcome to part two of my series helping you gain new enjoyment from ear training by showing you how to get the best sound quality. This week we are going to be talking about amps and speakers. This is a huge subject and you could easily fill books on […]
  • Learn to hear more in music Wired For Sound Part 3: All The Gear, But No Idea? - Missed the previous posts in the series? Catch up with Part One and Part Two. So you’re planning on buying some new toys, or shifting your set up around, but how will you know if you have actually made things better? First things first, you need some test material. Several hi-fi manufacturers make CDs of […]
  • Choose good headphones Wired For Sound Part 4: Headphones - So far we’ve covered playback sources, discussed options for amps and speakers, and looked at ways to judge improvements to your setup by listening. This week we’re focusing on the more compact alternative to a room full of hi-fi gear: Headphones. Headphones Saved My Life So here’s the deal: You’d love to have super high […]