Join Christopher and the Next Level coaching team to discover the latest tips, tricks and techniques you can use to advance in your own musical life.

In this episode…

  • Andrew explains how to “rise above the herd” and allow yourself to level up in music.
  • Andy talks about gaining performance confidence, step by step.
  • Camilo reveals how analysing melody can produce breakthroughs for you with the harmony and memorising progressions
  • And Zac shows how to know with certainty that you do have music inside you, just waiting to come out.

All that and more, in this episode of Coaches Corner!

Tip: find just ONE idea from everything that’s shared, and take it to your next music practice session or apply it in YOUR musical life.

Watch the episode:

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Discover how to overcome "tall poppy syndrome" and rise above the herd in music, plus other tips in this episode of Coaches Corner.