Interval ear training exercises are a great way to improve your sense of relative pitch and get a better instinctive understanding of music. We’re making a full set of ear training exercises available here on to help you learn intervals.

Learn intervals online

These new interval exercises can be listened to online, whether you’re at your computer, on your phone, or using a tablet device (like an iPad). You can play the tracks in your web browser, using the “training” tracks to listen carefully and tune your ear in, and then listening to the “test” tracks which give you an opportunity to guess the correct answer each time.

Interval Exercises Preview

Download the interval exercises

Download Ear Training Exercises
You can also download the exercises for convenient listening later. Choose to download the specific tracks you want or download the whole pack of tracks for each set of exercises. For example, you can download a set of exercises to drill just Perfect Fourth and Perfect Fifth, or practice just the dissonant intervals.

Interval recognition lessons

This isn’t a full-on training course, but we designed these interval exercises based on the tried-and-true lessons of RelativePitch so you can start from the beginner with a simple “same or different” exercise, and gradually build up your knowledge of each interval type, in each of their forms. Just start from the top, and train and test your way to the bottom!

As you’ll know if you’ve read “How to Learn Intervals” or the full “Learning Intervals” eBook, it’s important that you choose the interval learning approach that suits you, and adjust it based on your progress. So the exercises are presented in a sensible order, but you should design your own practice regime based on which intervals you struggle with.

Treat these exercises as the tools to help you progress with your own training plan.

Of course, intervals are just the beginning with relative pitch ear training. We’ll be following up with chord and chord progressions exercises soon. If you’d like to be notified when these are available just enter your details below: