Today we have the pleasure of talking with Josh Wright, a highly successful pianist whose first solo album topped the Billboard “classical” chart. He’s played with a number of symphony orchestras, won prizes in international piano competitions, and studied with some of the world’s greatest piano teachers. He shares the insights and strategies he’s learned along the way through his highly popular YouTube channel “Josh Wright Piano TV”.

We had been really impressed by the practice and performance tips Josh shares in particular and so we were excited to have him as a guest on the show to dive into these topics as well as his own musical journey.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • How to make technique exercises more interesting and a more valuable use of your practice time
  • The clever performance strategy that involved him making snowballs before sitting down at the keyboard
  • The three “levers” you can play around with to transform a robotic performance into a truly musical one
  • The reason he will still travel long distances to go visit his childhood piano teacher when preparing new repertoire.

This was a seriously value-packed conversation, Josh has tons of practical tips and mindset-shifting insights which he shares freely so we know you’ll be taking away some impactful ideas from this episode for your own practicing and performing.

One quick note – we failed to sound check the piano before we began the interview and so there are a few spots where Josh demonstrates something and you’ll hear the sound get a bit crunchy. We apologise for that, but we think the points he’s making still come across fine.

We hope you’ll enjoy this episode!

Listen to the episode:

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Acclaimed pianist and music educator Josh Wright shares his favourite technique exercises, performance strategies, and secrets for playing musically.