Promo New eBook 3 Chord Songs and the 4 Chord TrickDo you want to play your instrument by ear?

If you’re like most guitar players, pianists, and other musicians, you love the idea of playing songs by ear – working out the chords as you go, effortlessly, without having to hunt down the tab or buy sheet music…

We’ve been talking a lot about playing by ear here on the site lately, and it’s because we know it’s the #1 reason most musicians spend time on ear training.

There is one core concept which can unlock the ability to play by ear and accelerate your progress more than any other: the “1 4 5”. We write it “I-IV-V”, but you’ll hear people talk about a “one, four, five progression”, or maybe even “one, four, six, five”

This week we’re publishing a new audio-enriched eBook focusing on this powerful concept.

It’s called “3-Chord Songs and the 4-Chord Trick” and you can buy it from our ear training store now!

Greatest Hits

This is the first book in our new Greatest Hits series, which collects the very best we publish here on, to create clear specialist guides on a range of ear training topics – in a handy, all-in-one, audio-enriched eBook.

You can download the eBooks as:

  • PDF: to read on your computer or Kindle, or to print out a copy
  • EPUB: perfect for iBooks (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and other eBook readers

and read, listen and learn in whatever way suits you best.

The Power of 1-4-5

For me, learning about three-chord songs and the one, four and five chords has been one of the most powerful lessons in ear training.

If I had to pick a few pivotal lessons that let me start feeling like a real musician, discovering why so many songs sound similar, and how to play them by ear would be right up there at the top of the list.

There are countless “3 chord song” books which will list out the chords for song after song for you to play through. 3-chord pop songs, 3-chord rock songs, 3-chord blues songs, 4-chord favourites, 4-chord songs for keyboard, how to play 1000 songs with just 3 chords, three-chord guitar songs, the list goes on….

To me, these books entirely miss the point. You could replace every one of those hundreds of songs with a short guide explaining the underlying reason these songs all boil down to just three or four chords.

This new eBook aims to be that guide.

Why rely on a thousand-page book to tell you what chords to play
when you can instead gain real musical understanding
and play those thousand songs by ear?

Is it really that easy?

We sent out some preview copies of the eBook to students and some music teachers, and the response has been fantastic.

Here are a few comments we’ve had so far:

This e-book is just amazing!

I love the way you help people who say “I don’t want to learn music theory, I just wanna play” to actually learn music theory without even realizing it!

I just read through the book, but I’m sure I’ll be going back many times. I think the book was great for conveying an amazing truth in music.

The book also was very entertaining, and informative without getting bogged down in music theory.

Love the aural examples and I know students will love the simple language that is used taking them through step by step, catering for different learning styles.
I just wanted to say thanks for making this book. It was the first “interactive” ebook I’ve read and it was great.

Learning what’s in those pages boosted my confidence to pick up an instrument and play.

If you haven’t yet mastered 3- and 4-chord songs, and those popular chord progressions so common in pop and rock music – this book is going to really help you leap forwards as a musician.

Check it out, and be sure to let us know how you get on!

3-Chord Songs and the 4-Chord Trick

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