Have you ever felt frustrated because you keep getting something wrong in the music you’re learning? Or worried that there is just too much to learn and you’re coming to music too late to ever master it all?

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Lisa McCormick, a successful singer-songwriter and the creator of the “Note2Self” methodology of music learning, which can help with exactly those kinds of mindset barriers, especially among adult musicians.

After several years as a successful artist, Lisa turned her attention to teaching and now specialises in helping adult beginners get going with guitar and ukulele. We first met Lisa several years ago after discovering an excellent course she created to help guitarists start playing chords by ear. As well as in person classes 1-on-1 and in groups around Brattleboro, Vermont, she provides courses through her website LisaMcCormick.com and is a senior faculty member at GuitarTricks.com.

What we love about Lisa’s approach is that she really focuses on the joy of making music from day one and strips away the complexity that can often make learning music frustrating for adults.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • The emotional baggage that can make it difficult for adults to begin learning a new instrument and how to get around that
  • How she helps complete beginners play a song on ukulele in less than ten minutes – and play several songs by the end of the day
  • How the Note2Self methodology can equip musicians – particularly those who are self-taught or trying to make use of internet resources to learn – to get away from the negative self-talk and confusion that can hold them back, and instead learn faster by having effective and healthy mental habits

Lisa also shares the simple 3-word mantra from Note2Self that you can start using immediately – and honestly this alone could be transformative for how much you enjoy your musical journey…

Listen to the episode:

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Sometimes, it's not your skills holding you back, but your mindset. Musician/teacher Lisa McCormick shares the secret of overcoming these mental barriers!