Making a name for yourself in the music business can be a frustrating task, to say the least. For some musicians, this is because they are going about it all wrong. While sending your information to a multitude of record labels certainly won’t hurt, it’s not actually the best way to find success.

Below are 6 tips for finding that “big break” you’ve been searching for.

1.Choose the right “side job.”

We all need to make money. The problem is, too many aspiring musicians dedicate too much time to making money and not enough time to making music. If you want to make it big, you have to practise your art and work toward your goals. Unfortunately, a full-time job doesn’t lend itself well to such things.

One good side job option is freelance work, which allows you to set your own schedule. Other ideas include part-time work, jobs that allow or require you to practise while on the clock (such as teaching music), or doing various quick gigs that pay enough to make ends meet. The idea is to work less in order to invest more time and energy into your music.

2. Find a mentor.

Heading into the world of music on your own is an intimidating prospect. By finding the right person to help you along the way, you can save yourself time and energy as well as some disappointment.

After all, a well-seasoned musician will be able to provide helpful advice gathered from their years of experience. They will also have a good number of connections in the music world, which can be extremely beneficial when you are just starting out.

3. Create a demo.

Demo songs are like business cards in the world of music. By having a couple of your best pieces recorded professionally, you will have something to send to those who may be interested in hiring you.

In fact, if you want to take things even further, consider having a press kit professionally made. A press kit includes demo songs as well as photos and literature which can quickly tell potential employers a lot about you as a musician.

4. Make connections.

One incredibly important step to making it big in any industry is making connections. Being sociable during events and performances and introducing yourself to people wherever you go could easily help further your music career with new opportunities.

Think of it this way: The more people you know—especially those in the music industry—the more people will be talking about you. The more people talk about you, the more they will think of you when various jobs arise.

5. Be present online.

Another great way to make valuable connections is through the internet. By having an active presence online, you will meet new people and engage fans. Social media is great for this, but all aspiring musicians should also have a well-designed website with a simple blog. 

Ready to put your music out there? Midination has this amazing list of 100 music blogs to submit your music to.

6. Perform often.

Performance is the key to success in any performing art. Local concerts allow people to get to know you as a musician and festival shows can help get your name out. Take as many quality performance opportunities as you can. Not only will these help you promote yourself, they will also help you grow as a musician and performer.

By using the tips above, you will be on your way to a successful music career. Keep practising and performing and soon enough, you’ll find yourself in the very place you set out to be.