Stella of Musical UThis post is written by Stella Bautista, Community Conductor at Musical U.

Confused… Frustrated… Lonely…

Perhaps these are the three adjectives you have in mind when it comes to working on your musical training online. Surely, there are hundreds or thousands of musical training resources hanging around every corner of the internet, but relying on Google to every question or clarification you have in mind always seems to end up being a waste of time, right? That is where Musical U comes in…

The Purpose of Musical U

Musical U is not only your musical learning centre. It is also an online hub pursuing the passion of helping people to become musical by creating a community of like-minded people. The site provides an online rendezvous for musicians who are committed and passionate with their musical training in spite of busy schedules. To put it another way: it’s like Facebook, only it’s 100% focused on learning music.

It’s a community where you can learn from musicians through their progress journals and status updates about their learning techniques. It’s where people share their ideas about their own musical experience by creating a thread full of practical tips, something that is probably non-existent in all other music learning sites. And if you are having a hard time with a particular training module, Musical U members are always there able to give you a pat on the back and the inspiration to continue with your musical pursuits.


Musical U also gives you ultimate freedom with your training plans and goals while supporting you to follow through on them. It enables you to keep on track with your progress from the smallest step forwards to your biggest musical success. It lets you to create your own virtual diary that is related to your musical goals. So, you don’t just get to celebrate your success with yourself but also with the community from all over the world. This then also inspires fellow members to be confident that anyone can become a natural musician. Reading through members status updates and learning paths can provide guidance to someone who is feeling lost. It breaks the barriers of fear and anxiety, because members becoming more and more confident that they can attain their musical success.

What’s Included?

Musical U has over 20 different training modules available for beginners through to adept musicians, ranging from pitch, intervals, chord recognition, and other ear training essentials, along with the key skills in goal-setting and planning effective training. The modules don’t just explain dry theories, they provide practical tips to suit your own learning approach. It gives you the freedom to create and follow through on your own training plan, at your own pace. Musical U enables you to not only achieve your goals but also lets you enjoy your musical journey along the way. It lets you find your own groove and enjoy it while learning powerful skills.

What sets Musical U apart from other music sites though is the community. How training alongside other people transforms and accelerates your musical journey, and becoming part of a “tribe” of like-minded people helps you persevere and reach levels you only dreamed of before.

The Story So Far…

Musical U launched just over a month ago and today, there is a already a thriving community of members who are active and committed with their musical training. We have members from all over the world and playing virtually every instrument you can think of! Ranging from classical violin through to metal guitar and jazz piano. Our members range from complete beginners to seasoned professionals earning a living gigging and also a number of music teachers looking to brush up their skills and discover new ways to inspire their students. The majority of members aren’t (yet) making a living with music but are absolutely in love with music, have reached a good level with their instruments and are excited to really take their musicality to the next level.


Each week, we are sending out a weekly update welcoming the new members who’ve just joined and congratulating members’ success during the week. New members are encouraged to introduce themselves to the rest of the Musical U community. Each member can add friends, post updates, and start a discussion in the discussion board. Members have access to detailed and effective training modules and they can easily keep track of their progress. An online “community conductor” (me!) keeps tabs on member success and also helps them stay on track with their training, each and every step of the way. In Musical U we are very passionate about your goals and we are always happy to lend a hand, share an ear, or offer a virtual “high five” when you celebrate a musical triumph.

The Musical U vision is to create a healthy and active online community where every member is helping other members to create their own step-by-step path to musical success. The result is a sturdy alliance of happy and confident musicians all reaching their true musical potential. We envision future virtual collaborations of musicians worldwide, building a bridge over every gap and helping people break through whatever barriers have held them back before. We see musicians that are continuously inspiring others that to become a natural musician is absolutely possible. We see a future where we get to enjoy more and more exciting music created by Musical U members from all over the world.

At Musical U, you got yourself a tribe, buddy!

Musical U

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