Music is an incredible thing. It can affect our mood, learning habits, and productivity. Many people know that music can be powerful, but have you ever considered how much it affects your mind?

We’ve pulled together some of the most informative infographics from around the web to help us share how amazing music truly is.

Music and Your Overall Health

Studies have shown that music can actually make you smarter and improve your cognitive skills. Did you also realize how much music can affect the rest of your body? Fast-paced beats help us exercise with more vigor and zeal. Music can help speed up recovery time from injuries or surgery and help reduce pain.

We’ve long known about how listening to music can reduce stress, but did you know that playing music will make you feel more at ease if you’re anxious? Pretty amazing!


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Music and Productivity

You might think that listening to music will make you less productive while you’re working on a project, but you’d be wrong! Hearing music we enjoy triggers the brain to release dopamine, which makes us feel like we’re being rewarded. (That’s a great feeling, right?) If you’re feeling stressed, distracted, or just unproductive, turn on some of your favorite tunes and sing along. You’ll be back to work in no time.

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Music and Learning

Music has an incredible impact on knowledge and study skills. Learning to play an instrument teaches strong achievement skills. Kids who study music consistently have higher test scores, improved planning skills, and improved I.Q. scores. You don’t even have to play an instrument to be included in the group – studying vocal music is equally as beneficial as studying an instrument.

MU Music Learning

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Music and Mood

We’ve discussed how music can enhance your productivity, but did you know that the type of music you listen to may further improve your ability to focus on your work? Studies show that there’s a right (and a wrong) genre to choose when you’re working; it just all depends on what kind of work you’re doing.

Whether you work in construction, at a computer, or as a teacher, there are certain types of music that will help you feel and be more productive, as well as improve your mood. Song choice and music genre have big effects on how we’re feeling. Likewise, what we choose to listen to is often dictated by our feelings. How you feel will probably, in turn, affect your overall productiveness. Why not choose music that will help you work at your best?

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Music is a powerful indicator of how we feel and can affect us in many ways we may not have considered. The next time you’re feeling down, pick up your instrument and play a few songs. If you’re feeling distracted and need to get back to work, play a few tunes from your most recent playlist and jam your way back to action. As you make and listen to music, think about all the ways it’s helping you.

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