Have you ever wished that you could replicate the sound of a complete song – the vocals, the guitar solo, the keyboard, the drumbeat – completely on your own? What if we told you that you can?

Sound impossible? Not if you’re taking advantage of looping technology.

You might also ask, What is looping? Good question. In terms of music, “looping” is when you repeat (or quite literally, loop) the same small section of notes or rhythmic beats over and over to make a song. Here’s an example of how musicians use a loop station to make music:



With looping, you can create complex musical compositions and rework popular songs to craft your own sound and style. It’s the perfect “next level” for musicians who are interested in developing and strengthening their creative and musical abilities. You can even create your own original compositions!

We’ve rounded up 5 of the most unique looping videos on YouTube to inspire you to give this up-and-coming trend a try. Which one is your favorite?

Kawehi: “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson



Kawehi’s cover of this classic Michael Jackson song takes an interesting turn when you realize she’s using nothing but her voice to create this bubbly YouTube hit. She gets straight to work building the beat and then methodically adds in layer after layer of sound.

In no time at all, she creates an intricate melody with a killer rhythm. We dare you to make it through this entire song without snapping your fingers or tapping your toes.

Elijah Aaron: “No Scrubs” by TLC



Elijah Aaron gets creative with this 90’s cover by using a multitude of instruments, objects, and even body parts to build a highly complex and harmonious combination of sounds.

This video is a great demonstration of the real “magic” of looping. Elijah spends only a few seconds creating each individual sound, but by the time he’s done putting them all together, he’s composed a musical masterpiece. This one is sure to get everyone singing along and reminiscing on TLC’s glory days.

Walk Off The Earth: “Roll Up” by Wiz Khalifa



The creativity and foresight that went into this cover video by Walk Off The Earth is truly mind-blowing. Who knew that slamming a microwave door  could function so flawlessly as a drumbeat? Or that the sound of a spoon on a coffee cup could make you want to jump up and dance?

Not only did this band create a cool and edgy take on this Wiz Khalifa song, but they obviously had a blast doing it – making it all the more fun to watch.

Kevin “K.O.” Olusola: “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith



This Sam Smith cover is a refreshingly clean and simple illustration of looping. Using only a cello, a piano and a few vocals, Kevin Olusola manages to create a raw and soulful version of an already hauntingly beautiful song.

He takes his time building up the sounds, slowly and meticulously adding in the various pieces needed to create this impeccably crafted cover video. Listen to the connective sounds of his bassline and percussion and how they blend with his vocals. Every detail of his arrangement seems effortless.

Matt Mulholland: “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson



As you watch this “Uptown Funk” cover unfold, you may find yourself wondering how exactly these sounds are going to come together. But one thing is for sure — Matt Mulholland has the process of looping down to a science; he uses this strength to his advantage and creates a fun and unique sound that’s sure to leave you mesmerized. Plus, he’s got an amazing ability to harmonize with himself and makes some cool sounds using nothing but his voice.


There are no limits to what looping can do for you and your music. Whether you use one instrument, ten instruments, or just your voice, you can create songs that are as simple or complex as you like. You can remix, rework, and revamp popular songs or create your own. No matter how you use it, looping is an awesome way to mix up your sound.

What’s your favorite style of looping? Where do you find your inspiration? Have a favorite YouTube video to share? Join the conversation and below and share your ideas!