Today we’re joined by Kevin Richards of RPM Vocal Studio, a renowned vocal coach who’s worked as a musician, producer, songwriter and arranger for over 30 years, and coached Gold and Platinum award-winning artists including Bette Midler and Sir Rod Stewart. As you’ll be hearing in this interview Kevin has a particular angle on his vocal coaching that sets him apart from most of the technique-focused singing teachers and vocal coaches out there.

Kevin specialises in the performance side of singing, meaning what you actually do up on stage or in front of a crowd and how you make sure your singing performance is the best it can be, even though you’re far from the familiar and relaxed environment of the practice room.

As we were preparing for this episode and trying to figure out what part of Kevin’s expertise would be most useful to you all as listeners of the Musicality Podcast, we were really thinking about how some of you are, I’m sure, performing already – and looking for tips on improving. And others are probably too self-conscious or too unsure of your musical abilities to feel comfortable performing or taking center stage.

We think whichever category you might be in, this episode is going to blow your mind a bit – and in a very good way.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Why performance was the big piece he found was missing from all the traditional material for learning to sing.
  • One slightly brutal but effective (and ultimately enjoyable) exercise he does with his students who are nervous to perform in front of people.
  • And how working as Sir Rod Stewart’s vocal coach revealed a remarkable attitude to performing that we can all learn from.

This conversation was a total pleasure and really illuminating for us, so we hope you’ll love it too.

Listen to the episode:

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We interview Sir Rod Stewart's vocal coach on the ins and outs of performance, and the learnable skills that deliver unforgettable shows night after night.