Music Theory Videos at DaveConservatoire.orgMusic Theory… not a favourite topic for most music students! But David Rees from creates videos that dive into a wide range of theory topics in a relatable and accessible way.

We invited Dave to join us here on as part of our “Learn to Play By Ear” series, to share his insights on harmonization.

Naturally, he did so in the form of a video! Watch it below.

What is harmonization?

Harmonization is the process of putting chords to a tune. These chords create a harmony around the melody, so the process is called “harmonization”: a technical term for this musical task which is vital to any songwriter or composer.

Learning harmonic ear training should be part of any musician’s aural skills practice, and harmonizing songs by ear is a good practical way to improve those skills.

Dave has created a special tutorial video for us, covering this important subject, and we worked with him to develop an interactive app so you can try harmonization out for yourself with three example songs.

So, watch the video, then try the app – and leave a comment below to let us know how you got on!

Learn to Harmonize by Ear

Any problems using the app? let us know!


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How did you get on with harmonization by ear?
Do you understand the theory?
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