Music manuscript Hello! My name is Joseph DuBose and I am a composer currently living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. My musical training began when I started taking piano lessons in middle school. It was in high school, though, when music became my passion in life.

It was at this time that I began to compose music as well as studying anything I could get my hands on related to music. I studied music theory and composition at Appalachian State University. My interests are mostly in classical music prior to 1900. I consider myself a true Romantic, in its fullest artistic and philosophical sense. Currently, I continue to compose and have recently ventured into writing about music. Feel free to check out my composition blog at

As I’ll explain later in one of my articles, my experience with ear training in college was far from beneficial. My recent adventures into ear training, therefore, have been an effort to improve myself as a musician and as a composer. In trying to find what works best for me, I’ve structured my approach to ear training similar to my approach to practicing my instrument. In other words, I’ve focused on building upon key principals of ear training in the same way I would center my instrumental practice on fundamental exercises. Thus, my articles will focus around the solid foundation necessary to be successful in ear training. Some things may sound a little elementary and other may seem a little unorthodox, but I hope that through sharing my personal experiences you will gain some basic principles that will help you in your own adventures into ear training.

Joseph’s articles start tomorrow with “Ear Training and How We Learn” – essential reading for making sure your time spent with ear training is effective!