What if you could learn music so fast, people would assume you’re a genius? Imagine jumping over any learning hurdle, breaking through any plateau, and gaining professional-level instrument skills in a fraction of the time. These things are possible.

One of our most popular recent interviews by far was with Gregg Goodhart of Learn Like A Genius. Gregg specialises in taking all the latest research and understanding of how the human brain can most effectively practice, and actually putting it to practical use, in music lessons and classrooms.

There was so much packed into our conversation with Gregg that we wanted to make this dedicated recap episode to make sure you didn’t miss out on any of the major takeaways.

Dive in to this episode for insights from a world-leading expert, and how you can to get access to the detailed training to put it all into practice yourself.

Watch the episode:

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We share insights and strategies from world-leading practice expert Gregg Goodhart. Learn how to master your practice time and become a musical genius.