One of the things that people sometimes find odd about Easy Ear Training is that we are genuinely passionate about ear training.

To somebody who’s had a bad experience of it in the past, this can seem bizarre! Like being excited about tidying the house, or changing the oil in your car.

But the fact is that ear training is only boring if you’re using methods that don’t suit you. It’s only frustrating if you’re doing it wrong. And it only seems pointless if you’re following somebody else’s abstract syllabus rather than connecting it to real music.

Being passionate about music: easy!

At its heart, ear training is about enjoying music more.

You love music, right? It’s not hard to explain being passionate about music, or why you’re excited about playing your instrument, writing songs, rocking out with others…

Ear training is (or should be) through-and-through about music: listening to it, enjoying it, understanding it, expressing yourself through it, and loving every second of it.

Being excited about having great ears: easy!

The purpose of ear training is to improve your ears for music. To give you those musical listening skills which empower you and help you feel like a “natural” musician. To let you play instinctively, creatively, expressively and write emotionally powerful music of your own.

Having incredible musical ears? That’s easy to get excited about.

You might hesitate over whether you can truly obtain those incredible ears (perhaps you mistakenly believe someone has to be born “gifted”) – more on that in a minute.

Getting excited about ear training…?

So if you’re passionate about music… and you’re excited about having incredible musical ears… what is it that prevents you from feeling excited about ear training?

It can only be one thing: doubt that the process of ear training will actually provide you with those incredible ears.

There are a number of common causes for this doubt:

  • You feel inadequate now, and it’s hard to believe you can accomplish what you want to.
    → Fix this
  • You’ve had a bad experience of ear training and don’t believe it can be fun or easy.
    → Fix this
  • You’ve tried ear training before and given up.
    → Fix this
  • You’ve begun training but haven’t seen results quickly enough.
    → Fix this
  • You aren’t clear yet on what exactly “incredible ears” means – or what impact successful ear training would have on your musical life.
    → Fix this

All of these doubts can be quashed. Use the links above to find out how!

The reason we here at Easy Ear Training can get so excited about ear training is that we’ve seen its power, and we’ve seen the results it can deliver.

We’ve heard from hundreds of students who have found our recommendations, methods and resources help to make ear training so fun and easy they’re glad to include it in their regular music practice.

And we’ve seen it help musicians who have previously struggled with music quickly feel confident and excited about music again.

So why are we passionate about ear training?

We don’t have any doubt that ear training can deliver on its promises, and so all that’s left is our passion for music, and that burning desire to have incredible ears and become amazing musicians.

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