If you’re working to improve your musical ears it can be frustrating when you hit a problem or feel like you’ve stopped making progress.

If you are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the variety of ear training you can do
  • Struggling to get a good mark on your ear training exam
  • Not sure where to start with ear training if you want to play by ear
  • Finding lots of good resources but can’t see how to use them together
  • Confused about how ear training relates to your instrument
  • Not sure if you know enough theory or have had enough formal education to train your ears
  • Feeling alone because nobody else you know does ear training
  • Embarrassed because your friends have better musical ears than you
  • Frustrated because you were doing well but have stopped making progress

The best thing to do is to seek help! You don’t need to be enrolled in a formal college program to get expert ear training help.

Here are 5 ways you can get ear training help today:

1. Check the FAQs

Here at EasyEarTraining.com we have dozens of Frequently Asked Questions on a variety of topics on ear training. Whatever area you’re currently having trouble with, you’ll find common questions answered, and it’s well worth checking here first in case we’ve already written something that could help you get back on track.

2. Read up on your topic

Explore the topics page to find articles and tutorials on the ear training topic you’re working on. You might gain valuable tips and insights which will help you improve your training and make faster progress.

3. Ask for help

We are always happy to help musicians with ear training questions. You can ask us directly on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

4. Get talking

If you really want to go deep on an issue or get help from other ear training students who may have encountered the same problem in the past, come talk about it in the ear training forums. You’ll find others like you along with members of the Easy Ear Training team, all happy to help you figure out the best solutions to your ear training challenges.

5. Make it personal

If you would rather discuss your ear training in a private, personal session, you can book a one-on-one consulting session with one of the Easy Ear Training team. Troubleshoot your issues, get help planning an effective practice program and finding the most useful resources for your own ear training.

So you see, there’s no need to suffer in silence! Most musicians find ear training challenging at first, and all will struggle at some point or another.

Depending on your own preferences you might want to just read helpful material, or you might like to discuss it with other people to get specific advice for your personal situation.

Ear training doesn’t have to be difficult, and it certainly doesn’t have to be something you suffer through alone. If you ever want help with ear training, reach out with one of the options above and we’ll be glad to help you.

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