Today we’re joined by Bradley Sowash, an educator specialising in creativity and improvisation who we’ve long admired in the world of online music education.

Bradley is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording artist and educator. He’s the author of That’s Jazz, a nine-volume jazz piano method and is also known for his live online group jazz piano classes. He runs 88 Creative Keys along with Leila Viss, who’s a past guest on this show. They host webinars and workshops helping music teachers bring more creativity into their lessons.

In this interview we talk about,

  • The one piece of advice from a restaurant pianist that changed Bradley’s trajectory from a sheet-music reader to a primarily by-ear player
  • How the piano can be seen as an orchestra with four distinct layers
  • How customising a melody can be an easy first step in improvisation, and 3 specific embellishments you can try right now on any melody you know how to play

You’re going to love hearing about Bradley’s own musical journey and how that’s all fed into the educator he is today, as well as the examples and demonstrations he provides along the way to illustrate what it means to bring creativity and musicality to your playing.

Watch the episode:

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Bradley Sowash, composer and educator, shares his musical journey along with some practical tips to bring more creativity and musicality into your playing.