Singing is a core skill for any musician – whether or not you have any intention of stepping up on stage with microphone in hand! It’s the best tool you have for training your ears and it’s a great way to communicate your ideas to other musicians. But what can you do if you can’t sing in tune?

Singing isn’t actually a “talent” you need to be born with. You can learn to sing in tune. Recently we published a full guide on how you can learn to sing in tune.

Now we’ve taken the four key steps from that guide and produced an infographic for quick reference:

Learn to Sing in Tune infographic

The four steps:

  1. Check you’re not Tone Deaf
  2. Learn to Match Pitch
  3. Develop Vocal Control
  4. Prove you can Sing in Tune

And here’s the full free guide with links and more detail on each of the steps included in the infographic:


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Never again feel held back by being unsure of your voice. Just use this simple 4-step process to figure out what stage you are at and what you can do to move on and become a confident and capable singer. Have fun!