Today we’re joined by Jeff Schneider, award-winning composer and music educator whose YouTube videos for saxophone and piano, online courses, and blog and email lessons are helping musicians around the world to wrap their head around everything from equipment to technique to music theory and listening skills.

In this conversation we cover a ton of interesting topics, including sight-reading, improvisation, what makes for effective practicing, and the entrepreneurial requirements of being a professional musician today. Jeff shares:

  • How many hours a day he practiced growing up, one activity that was central, and the one thing he thinks is essential to practice effectively
  • One resource he’s found really useful to help him balance his creativity with the desire to make a living as a musician
  • And several punchy tips on improvisation, sight reading, jazz and rhythm.

We know you’ll enjoy this one and it’ll inspire you to check out Jeff’s website and sign up for his email list – and don’t miss the unforgettable name that email list has, we talk about it towards the end of the interview.

Listen to the episode:

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Composer and music educator Jeff Schneider talks to Musical U about effective practice, the learning process, and keeping your creative output alive.