On today’s show, we’re joined by David Andrew Wiebe. David’s a man of many projects, and as well as writing on his site MusicEntrepreneurHQ.com and hosting the New Music Industry podcast, he is also a songwriter, performs regularly with two bands and has written a book, “The New Music Industry“, soon to be followed by another all about the creative process, called “Flashes of Elation”.

We discovered David’s work when featuring a podcast episode of his “The Importance of Ongoing Self Education for Musicians” in an article on our website. And it’s been a real pleasure to dive into his web and podcast archives and have this opportunity to speak with him on our show.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Why performing regularly was so important to his finding freedom of creative expression and tapping into his musical instinct on guitar
  • What he recommends to beginner song writers trying to find inspiration
  • The conflict between thinking about “passion” and “inspiration” versus just getting solid creative work done day after day
  • His number one tip for musicians collaborating in a band or other creative projects

One thing we love about David is his ability to balance the creative spirit with the down-to-earth practicalities of being a musician. It’s fascinating to talk with him and hear his perspective and if you’ve ever struggled creatively, you’re going to really enjoy this conversation.

Listen to the episode:

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Writer, songwriter, and performer David Andrew Wiebe talks about creativity and inspiration, and the places where these elusive creatures can be found.