Today we’re speaking with Aimee Nolte, a jazz singer and pianist who has one of the most popular YouTube channels among musicians, focusing on jazz piano with a healthy dose of a lot of the skills we discuss here on the Musicality Podcast such as playing by ear, improvising, and singing in tune.

Aimee’s also a songwriter and recording artist and this year she’s released two tracks from a forthcoming new album. Aside from just being wonderful music, these tracks are remarkable for the way Aimee’s been openly sharing the process of writing, arranging, and recording them through videos on her YouTube channel.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • One important part of Aimee’s musical upbringing which let her make improvising and playing by ear a natural part of her musical identity from a very early age
  • What Aimee’s been discovering as she digs into the topic of tone deafness and helping people learn to match pitch and sing in tune.
  • Aimee’s relationship with sheet music, as someone who was predominantly a by-ear player – and whichever camp you fall in yourself, we think it’ll surprise you.

Listen to the episode:

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Musical U interviews music educator Aimee Nolte on her music background and how she teaches musicality skills through her engaging YouTube channel.