We’re joined by violinist and Suzuki pedagogue, Laura Nerenberg. Laura is founder of Rideau Falls Violins where she teaches based on the principle that all children are born with the potential to develop a high level of instrument ability and creative ability.

Laura shares the inspiring story of how she learned to combine improvisation and classical violin – and how improvisation has impacted her teaching.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Laura’s upbringing learning violin with the Suzuki method – and some of the myths and misconceptions people have about Suzuki’s ear-based approach.
  • How Laura didn’t realize until later in life that she had learned a lot about improvisation growing up with a jazz-pianist father.
  • The Creative Ability Development framework which empowers learners to improvise from the outset, and in a way that focuses on listening and personal expression.

Even if you’ve never improvised, or you’re an avid improviser keen to learn more, you’re going to love this conversation.

Watch the episode:

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Laura Nerenberg discusses the power of improvisation for classical musicians and teachers. Learn about the powerful musical impact improvisation can have.