Today as part of Improv Month we’re speaking with Brenden Lowe, the man behind and the Jazz Piano School Podcast. Jazz and piano can both be intimidating things for aspiring musicians and they put front and center their belief that “Anyone can learn”, as well as encouraging self-expression from the outset – so clearly a good match for our philosophy here at Musical U!

Jazz Piano School has a unique approach to teaching and we were keen to hear more about how it works and how improvisation factors in.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • The astonishing number of jazz tunes Brenden could play after $12,000 of traditional jazz piano lessons and why he was completely unsure how to improvise or be creative.
  • The “lego bricks” approach to improvising that makes it easy to learn, step by step.
  • The unique 4-step system they use at Jazz Piano School to connect theory, technique, improv and repertoire at every stage of learning.

This was a really fun conversation and Brenden has a great way of explaining things that cuts straight through that intimidation factor. Whether you have any interest in jazz or piano, we think you’re gonna dig this.

Listen to the episode:

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