Today we’re joined by Professor Cynthia Crump Taggart, the President-Elect of the Gordon Institute for Music Learning. You might have heard that name “Gordon” in the world of music education as associated particularly with audiation, and in fact Edwin Gordon developed a whole approach to music learning which is called, simply enough, Music Learning Theory.

We had been keen to invite a Music Learning Theory expert onto the show for a while because we’ve covered some of the other “biggies” in terms of music education methodologies that really cultivate musicality, like Kodály, Dalcroze, and Orff, and we also talk a lot about audiation at Musical U, a word that Gordon himself invented.

So we were delighted when Professor Crump Taggart agreed to come on the show and this conversation was really fruitful and fascinating.

We talk about:
• Her own musical upbringing and her first experiences learning from Edwin Gordon himself
• The slightly imprecise way we tend to use the word “audiation” at Musical U and what it should really be used to mean
• And the two simple activities Professor Taggart recommends if you want to incorporate Music Learning Theory into your own life as an adult musician.

This was a super cool glimpse into both the history and roots of Music Learning Theory, as well as the practicalities of what it does and how.

Listen to the episode:

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The President-Elect of the Gordon Institute for Music Learning joins us to discuss Music Learning Theory and how it helps cultivate musicality.